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  • Will I be the only one who doesn't know everyone already?
    Absolutely not! We are thrilled that the club is growing by leaps and bounds, and the majority of our new members are new to West Hartford and have no support network in place. All members are invited to every event -- nothing is clique-ish or exclusionary.
  • What happens right after I join?
    Our goal is to get you plugged into our network of amazing moms right away. You'll receive an email with instructions on how to request access to our closed Facebook page, and you will be encouraged to sign up for the next "Bagels & More." These are monthly get-togethers hosted by the club, expressly created for new members to get to know each other. You will also have access to forms where you can request to be placed in a playgroup, to receive three TLC meals if you are expecting or have recently delivered, and to join a book club, if you are interested. You will also have immediate access to the online calendar of events, where you can purchase your tickets online. Our hope is that you will feel welcome to the group right away!
  • I want to set up a booth at the next Halloween Stroll.
    Thank you for your interest in participating in the next Halloween Stroll! In 2017, the West Hartford Police Department estimated that roughly 5,000 people attended. It is a great audience to get in front of! Please follow the Stroll's new Facebook page for updates on registration and sponsorship opportunities for the next Stroll:
  • I don't live in West Hartford. Can I join?
    Yes! We do not require that members live in West Hartford, only that they are a primary caregiver to a young child. As long as you are willing to attend events in West Hartford, you are welcome to join. Just note that if you are joining a playgroup, the majority of the other moms will likely live in West Hartford and it may be difficult for them to travel to adjacent towns if you are rotating homes for playdates.
  • Where does my $40 membership fee go?
    Because we are a completely volunteer-run nonprofit, nearly all of your dues go toward subsiziding the events you attend and purchasing food and drink for the events you attend. Our overhead costs are extremely low, and are limited to purchasing our annual insurance, maintaining our website and P.O. Box, and a few small incidentals. We sell sponsorships to the Annual Halloween Stroll to minimize the club's expenditures.
  • Can dads, grandparents, and/or nannies join?"
    Yes! While the vast majority of our members are moms, we welcome other primary caregivers as members. There are an increasing number of stay-at-home dads in our community, and we are working to set up playgroups to help them build their own support network. Please email us at if you would like to check in on the status of the dad playgroups. Nannies and grandparents are also welcome to join and accompany children to events. Each primary caregiver must complete a membership form, however, if you plan to have more than one person attending our events, as each person must covered by our liability waiver.
  • Do I have to work at the Halloween Stroll or plan it?
    Moms & More loves hosting the Annual West Hartford Halloween Stroll, but our Halloween Stroll Committee is strictly voluntary. We typically have about 15 people on the committee, which represents a small percentage of our membership. We do ask that you consider manning one of our booths for just one 20 minute shift, but again, we only need a small percentage of our club to to cover the two hours of the event. The only obligation we expressly ask of our members is to cook (or purchase) one meal a year for another member who is expecting a child. Some years your name may not even been called, depending on how many expectant mothers we have in the club.
  • What do you offer to working moms?
    Many of our members work full or part time, and we work hard to plan events and activities they can enjoy. Evening events include Moms Nights Out ( i.e. crafting sessions, wine tastings, exercise classes, pedicures), and book club meetings. We also work to organize daytime weekend events for the whole family, like visits to farms for apple picking or meetups at museums. As more and more working moms join our club, we are setting up playgroups that meet on weekends. Lastly, our private Facebook page is an excellent resource for recommendations, parenting advice, and an overall supportive community of moms of young children.
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